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Microsoft Flight Simulator Multiplayer
Microsoft Flight Simulator Multiplayer

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Multiplayer Mode Explained

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Asobo’s CEO Sebastian Wloch has recently talked about multiplayer in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Asobo Studio’s goal is to provide players a new experience by allowing, all players to share the same online world. The technology behind the game is Microsoft’s Azure technology, according to Wloch, real world live air traffic will also be displayed on the game.

Players can also pick filters when starting the game, the selected filter will allow players to chose whether if, they want to play by the rules, or just have fun. Filters basically change, live air traffic and the climate condition. Players can create groups and fly together.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is a very ambitious game, Asobo Studio has built multiple clusters of servers around the world, Wloch explains that, a cluster of servers is a place where the developers have a data center and several servers available. When the game is booted, it will automatically select the best location based on ping. Players will still have the ability to manually select between servers. Selecting servers will also allow players to join specific players or larger group of people.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, won’t display all the air traffic, both live and of players, the servers will automatically optimize the data streamed, players will receive from servers all the planes which are within 200km.

“In order to reach a new level of reality in flight simulation, we needed a new approach. That’s why we decided to innovate by editing airports from real satellite pictures.

This technique involves editing each airport manually. This means that particular attention to detail has been given to every single one of them to bring them a step closer to reality.” Lead Game Designer Sven Mestas said.

Published by Xbox Game Studios, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 will release exclusively for Microsoft Windows and Xbox Consoles.

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