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31st Union
31st Union

Michael Coundrey Announces 31st Union Studio

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Sledgehammer co-founder Michael Condrey joined Take-Two, he founded a new studio in California that was unofficially called 2k Silicon Valley. Today Condrey has announced the name of his new studio, 31st Union, he has also announced that the studio is already getting bigger with a new office in Spain.

Michael Condrey did not reveal much about the new project, it’s only known that will be an “ambitious and inspired new IP”. Under the leadership of Condrey Visceral Games released Dead Space, while on Sledgehammer, he made possible some critically acclaimed Call of Duty games.

“Our name and studio represent the spirit of California in its rich diversity of thought, art, music, innovation and cultural representation that have defined the current golden age of entertainment and technology here in Silicon Valley,” Said Michael Condrey at the announcement of 31st Union “In revealing our new identity and announcing the expansion of our operations, we’re shifting into an exciting next phase of growth to include more voices and bring our vision to life around the globe.”

Tyler Michaud, head of strategy at 31st Union also shared nice words about the new studio, he says that “diverse perspectives and experiences are crucial to creating a truly global entertainment experience with a deep connection to passionate fans”

In a recent conference call, Take-Two Interactive President Karl Slatoff was asked about Condrey’s new studio and the game in development. Slatoff said “I wish I could tell you more about what they’re working on because it’s very exciting” Hangar 13 headed by Haden Blackman and Condrey’s 31st Union are working together for the new game.

“As I said before, our pipeline is very diverse and is very large, and we’re going to share with you more about that in the coming months,” he continued. “And these two projects are obviously part of that. So you can certainly expect that there will be games coming out of those studios. I wish I could tell you more about them, but stay tuned because they’re very exciting, and we’re thrilled” Said Slatoff.

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