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Metroid Prime: Federation Force Story Trailer

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Metroid Prime: Federation Force Story Trailer

Nintendo shared more details on the next chapter of the Metroid Prime series during Nintendo Direct.

One of the games showcased last night during Nintendo’s presentation of upcoming 3DS titles was the marmite shooter/adventure gameMetroid Prime: Federation Force. Acknowledging concerns from series fans as to how Federation Force fits within the Metroid landscape, Nintendo revealed more on the storyline – a battle between the Federation Force folk and the Space Pirates.

In this game you’re not a bounty hunter, but well equipped Federation soldier inside a mechanised suit. Before each mission you have to set and customise these robotic costumes with skins and stickers, filling three slots with handy perks such as improved defence, buffed effects for your various items, or adding more power to your lasers. Some have limited use and others don’t, but in the first couple of missions we played there were around a dozen. More important when setting up the mechs is to choose the best weapons, because it’s better going to a lava world with an ice cannon than something that spits out fire. These loadouts mean there is quite a lot of strategy, and part of the reason for this stems from the level design.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force will hit shelves and the 3DS eShop on August 19th.

Check out the Trailer:

“The title will not Samus Aran as the protagonist, but it proposes to form teams of members of the federation in its fight against space pirates. Players must specialize in order to have a chance of winning a title whose producer, veteran Kensuke Tanabe, he has promised to be integrated into the world of the Metroid saga despite the absence of Samus”

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