Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread Gets A New Trailer

If you are a fan of the classic sidescrolling platformer that helped spawn an industry term still used consistently today, then chances are you did not need any more convincing to buy Metroid Dread when it releases later this year. As the last trailer set up, it will explore the mysterious Chozo or “bird-man race” from the series, the game looks to be everything fans of the series could hope for.

However, if you were sitting on the fence or just needed another reason to get excited the game has dropped another trailer during Gamescom 2021. This one acts as a continuation of the teaser dropped a week before, and offers a deeper look at gameplay.

It starts with her entering the location she crashed at in the teaser before, before it transitions into a compilation of exploration and combat. It also offers some great looks at the 2.5D art style that will after 3 dimension cutscenes in between the side-scrolling gameplay.

It showcases her sinking into the water before fighting several fish-like enemies. We also get a look at her ability to roll herself into a ball and both slip past areas, as well as blow up some blocks in her way. It also shows the semi-cinematic nature some of the boss fights look like they will take on.

We see Samus fight against what appears to be a powerful Chozo. In an accompanying press release to the trailer these characters are discussed stating:

The Chozo were a highly intelligent and technologically advanced species who believed their purpose to be that of bringing peace throughout the galaxy. Eventually, the civilisation reached a breaking point, and living Chozo are now rarely seen.

While this doesn’t offer much to go by, the trailer makes it seem that they are far less peaceful now.

The biggest surprise for longtime Metroid fans will be the appearance of a Kraid, a large crocodile boss that has appeared in multiple entries to date. This is chronologically the last game in the series so it should be interesting to see how he fits into the narrative.

Metroid Dread crash lands on the Switch on October 8. This is the same day that the Switch OLED will be released as well.

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