Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus Will Seemingly Come to Microsoft Store for PC on June 9

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Metro Exodus was one of the important titles of the year that became Epic Games Store exclusive with a huge controversy between Steam and Epic Games, since the game’s pre-order had been started on Steam but then the publisher pulled it from the store and made it exclusive to Epic Games Store. However, now it seems that the exclusivity for the game is over earlier than a year and Microsoft Store is getting ready to host the game for PC.

While the game’s exclusivity for Epic Games is 12 months long, Microsoft Store has listed the game for PC and it might get announced during Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference. Being released on MS Store surely doesn’t mean that the game will also come to Steam any time earlier than 2020. Anyway, it seems Epic Games has got different policies towards Microsoft and its store, since The Outer Worlds also follows the same way in coming to PC.

Metro Exodus released back in February this year and will come to Microsoft Store on June 9th, the day that Xbox E3 showcase will be held at Los Angeles. The game received positive reviews and features stunning graphics and great crafted environments.

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