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Mass Effect: Andromeda
Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda “Biggest” BioWare Game Ever

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Mass Effect: Andromeda “Biggest” BioWare Game Ever

According to the developer Mass Effect: Andromeda is the biggest game BioWare has ever made. The developer is aiming to make each and every area memorable, even if some planets are not in the main story. Side missions available to the player will include loyalty missions, returning from Mass Effect 2. These are optional, but offer a chance to get to know each of the game’s cast of supporting characters a little better.

Check the Mass Effect: Andromeda official cinematic trailer here:

” In an interview with Game Informer, the game’s producer Mike Gamble claims “this is the biggest we’ve ever gone, in terms of the number of pieces of content. There are combat-related encounters, puzzle-related encounters, narrative-related encounters, and a lot of things will happen that add more depth to the critical path”.

Depth is also added by fights breaking out between enemy factions, while whole-planet scans can give you clues about the world around you. “Scanning is one of the most important exploration tools you’ll have in the game,” explains producer Fabrice Condominas. “You’re in a new galaxy; there are a lot of things where you just have no clue what’s going on. The scanner is a way to capture what is in your environment, send the information back to the Tempest to analyze it, and find those clues.”

We might be learning more about the game itself, but we still don’t know Mass Effect: Andromeda’s release date–though multiple retailer listings suggest it could be March 21. The game’s director, Mac Walters, recently teased more games in the series, though we know Andromeda will not form part of a new trilogy.”

For more information about Mass Effect: Andromeda check the source.

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