Mary Skelter ‘Job System’ Trailer – PS Vita

Mary Skelter ‘Job System’ Trailer – PS Vita

Compile Heart has released a new trailer for the PS Vita exclusive 3D dungeon RPG Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter, introducing the game’s characters and their different battle styles.

The trailer shows off the job system that players can expect to discover while playing through the campaign. These various job classes will change not only the fighting style, but also the appearance and usable skills of the characters. Each job work for a certain character, while some characters can draw more from the right job for them, depending on the party style of the players choice. Additionally, there are 20 different jobs that players will be able to discover and utilize.

The Blood-Type Girls are able to switch through jobs but they all have their fixed job styles. For example, Alice and Cinderella specialize in “Fighter-Type” jobs such as Paladin and Destroy. Thumbelina is part of the “Magician-Type” and has access to the magic attack heavy “Blood Witch” or the healer “Therapist.” There are other types such as the “Item Tooler” that specializes in using items and the “Poet” that provides buffs for allies with music.

Godly Prison Tower: Mary Skelter will release in Japan for PlayStation Vita on October 13, 2016.

Check out the Trailer:

“The game, a 3D “active dungeon RPG,” is a collaboration between Compile Heart, Dengeki Bunko, and Dengeki PlayStation. The story is written by Yomoji Otono and character design is by Dakei Naname. Dengeki Bunko will publish a novel based on the title, and Dengeki PlayStation will begin serializing a prequel starting April 14.”

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