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Marvel’s Avengers Doxxes Entire Player Base

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In the world of live service games, the one phrase you never want to have to say is ‘Please stop streaming out game’. And yet that is just what Crystal Dynamics had to tell the streamer base for their live service game Marvel’s Avengers.

Today marked a major patch for the game, as well as a new content drop that sets up the Cosmic Cube event, as well as a villain sector for Monica. That’s all pretty standard stuff… Or at least it would be… If not accompanied by one of the most atrocious bugs ever to buzz its way into a video game.

What this bug does is show your Gamertag, the time, a series of other numbers, and then best of all YOUR IP ADDRESS on the screen. This means, that if you were playing the game live for your views on, let’s say Twitch, all your information was just handed to anybody watching. Crystal Dynamics has effectively doxxed their players.

Currently, Crystal Dynamics is aware of the issue and is taking steps to try to rectify it. They should hopefully fix it soon because, as I stated, a major part of these events is streamers streaming them. This in tern brings more eyes to the game and therefore more potential players getting to see it.

As of writing this article, I can confirm that it has indeed happened to me as well, not live thankfully, but I can at least confirm that this is a real issue. The bigger question is, how was this even allowed to happen, as I don’t remember ANY studio, let alone a major studio, allowing something like this to slip into an update.

If your not a streamer, the Cosmic Cube event for Marvel’s Avengers is currently live and can be played now.

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