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Marvel’s Avengers Doesn’t Attempt to Be Like Movies or Even Comics

Marvel’s Avengers was supposed to be Square Enix’s biggest showcase after Final Fnatasy VII Remake at E3 2019, but things went south badly and the game couldn’t get even fair reactions from the community. Most of the fans criticized the game’s characters and their designs as a copy of what movies have delivered before. However, Crystal Dynamics doesn’t want to admit to any mistakes, since the developer thinks the reactions on Marvel’s Avengers was “natural.”

Speaking to VG247, creative director at Crystal Dynamics Noah Hughes claimed that the team behind Marvel’s Avengers is about to generate a new story for beloved superheroes that hasn’t been seen neither in movies nor comics. He believes that this game is going to be the next big challenge for Avengers, regarding the release of finale for Avengers movie series this year, Hughes says Crystal Dynamics has got the best opportunity to exploit what it had dreamed for Marvel’s Avengers.

In response to the fans’ awful reaction to Marvel’s Avengers, Hughes said:

That as much as we’re not making an MCU game, or a comic book game specifically, we are making an Avengers game and it’s for Avengers fans,” said Noah Hughes, studio creative director.

I mean I think that’s natural, right? So that’s not a surprise. I think everyone should respond to the heroes in the way it makes them feel.

Following these words, Hughes also mentioned to the huge influence that MCU has had on Avengers group through past years, but Crystal Dynamics is doing its best to create a distinct experience and come out of the MCU’s shadow. He added:

It was important for us to be bringing to life in gaming the vast history of the Avengers. And I think the MCU is such an amazing accomplishment, that it’s hard not to recognise that as a centrepiece of the Marvel universe and of the Avengers.

But it really isn’t the sum total of the Avengers. So part of the fun we have is to draw inspiration from the comics as well, and bring things to life in ways that people haven’t seen before and all of that.

I mean I think it’s good timing, I think it was nice to have the closure that is represented in Endgame. We’re excited about being what’s next for those Avengers, and I think the fans will come along for the ride, hopefully.

I can’t wait to share more about the game and some of our inspiration for it, but I think that this idea of creating a new journey for players to go on, my hope is that the fans will want to go on that journey with us.

Marvel’s Avengers is set to be released in May 2020 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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