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Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Officially Announced

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Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Officially Announced

During Sony’s press conference at PlayStation Experience 2016 Capcom has announced the awaited Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite, the latest entry in the all-star fighting game will arrive in 2017. A trailer was shown at the event opened with Mega Man and Ryu partnering up to face off against Iron Man. The first gameplay will be shown during the Capcom Cup.

Capcom also confirmed that Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 will be available for the PlayStation 4.

Check the teaser trailer down below:


“The two fire projectiles together, as Ryu runs in while charging himself up, hinting that a powered-up state similar to Marvel Vs. Capcom 3’s X-Factor may be included.

The trailer continues with Captain Marvel appearing to join Iron Man’s side. Previous reports suggested that this new Marvel Vs. Capcom would draw heavily from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and won’t feature the X-Men. This is yet to be confirmed, but Captain Marvel is one of the characters set to have her own movie in the future.”

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