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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Received New Gameplay Footage Featuring Venom

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One of the anticipated Switch exclusive titles is about to release this month and the new gameplay trailer for it provides an epic battle between the traditional good and bad factions. The latest video for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 represents 10 minutes of gameplay footage.

During this demo which is shared thanks to Arekkz, we get to see a battle between a group of Marvel superheroes and The Black Order. Amongst the long list of superheroes, the players choose Captain Marvel, Thor, Venom and Spider-man to go through the mission.

The footage shows you how every hero has got its own ability and skills to fight against enemies. Also we get to see different types of the game’s camera positioning, throughout the mission. Designs for each character’s appearance and even movements fit completely into their origins in movies and comics. This demo is a vertical slice of the game for those who are interested in purchasing it soon after it launched.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is set to launch exclusively for Switch on July 19, while the previous titles of the series used to be multiplatform.

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