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Marvel G4mes
Marvel G4mes

Marvel Games Teasing A Game Related With 4

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Marvel Games Teasing A Game Related With 4

Marvel Games has just changed its logo on social media the ‘a’ in the word Games, has now changed to a 4, and we are not really sure about what this might mean, some claim that it’s related to Marvel vs Capcom, while others say it’s just the Avengers title which is being developed by Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics, I would think that a Fantastic Four title is more likely to be the tease.

Marvel G4mes, the company recently partnered with a team of former Blizzard developers to work on a brand-new Marvel mobile game. The title has yet to be officially announced, and another possibility is that the “4” has something to do with this new project. Marvel is good at surprising people and keeping them guessing, so it’s also possible the “4” is related to something we haven’t even thought about yet.

For now the next game to be released is Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 The Black Order which is being developed by by Team Ninja and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. It is the third installment in the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance series and it will be the first  Marvel game published by Nintendo.

Marvel Games was founded in March 2009, they handle the licensing of Marvel intellectual properties to video game developers and publishers. After The Walt Disney Company acquisition of Marvel Entertainment in 2009, Marvel Games assets were integrated into Disney Interactive, whilst the division itself remained under Marvel Entertainment.

The Marvel Games branding was revived after Disney discontinued their interactive media business as a first party developer and publisher by shutting down Disney Interactive Studios, opting to license their intellectual properties for video games instead. Since then, Marvel Games has been involved with publishing and distribution of all Marvel related video games with third parties.

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