Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis Aces: Diddy Kong Will Be Available On September

Mario Tennis Aces: Diddy Kong Will Be Available On September

Nintendo unveiled the new trailer for Mario Tennis Aces features Diddy Kong as playable character in the game. Diddy Kong will be joining the ranks in Mario Tennis Aces on September, and there’s an easy way to unlock him as a playable character.

There will be an online tournament from September 1st through 30th. players who participate in that tournament will unlock him early, but if that’s not the case, Diddy Kong will be unlocked for all players on September 30th.


Check the Diddy Kong trailer down below:

“The varied playstyles of the Nintendo Switch console allow up to four players to step onto the court together, and with over 15 playable characters to choose from – each with unique characteristics – there’s a favourite for everyone!

Players can use a variety of strategic shots and tactics to fill up their Energy Gauge and then unleash devastating Special Shots to turn the tide of a match. But those who prefer their tennis more down-to-earth can opt for simple rules instead to enjoy a classic tennis experience with friends and family.

Tennis aficionados can also go online to take on friends, or even to take part in regular tournaments. But before doing so, it pays to master the basics in Adventure mode. This return of a real story mode to the Mario Tennis series serves up a variety of skill-based tennis challenges as well as big bosses to defeat, as Mario travels through different worlds in order to save Luigi from the Legendary Racket

Packed with content, game modes, play styles and a colourful cast of characters from the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario Tennis Aces is set to serve up endless of hours of tennis fun for Nintendo Switch players.”

Full Press Release – GamesPress.

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