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Super Mario Maker Free Game Update Comes Out Today

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Super Mario Maker Free Game Update Comes Out Today

Today, a software update for Super Mario Maker on Wii U adds some additional items, modes and features to the game, making it even more fun to create, share and play levels from all around the world.

Fans of the Super Mario World game for the Super NES fondly remember the Key item, which, when grabbed, unlocks keyholes and grants access to new parts of the level. With this new free update to Super Mario Maker, both the key and locked doors with keyholes will be added to the game. With this, mandatory boss battles are making a return again!

There is a new obstacle in the game, the foreboding column come to make your life more hard and a “Super Expert” difficulty will be added to the 100-Mario Challenge.

Recently, there have also been some new costumes added to the game, including the always smart and sometimes crazy Professor E. Gadd from the Luigi’s Mansion games, the statue Mario has come back too from Super Mario 3 and even some cute ones like Charmander from Pokemon.

Check out the trailer for the new update down below:

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