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Man of Medan
Man of Medan

Man of Medan Latest Trailer Explains the Efforts Behind Development

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Supermassive Games is one of the third-party studios that have worked with Sony multiple times in purpose of developing exclusive games for PS3, PS4 and PS VR platforms during recent years. However, Until Dawn was one of their major projects in collaboration with Sony that received positive reviews from media, along with heart-warming feedback of players, trending the studio’s name in developing horror story driven titles. Now, Supermassive Games is developing another game within the same genre, but this time their project will be available through multiple platforms, as well as PS4.

The Dark Pictures Anthology will feature standalone horror games and the first one to come is Man of Medan, following the story of a group of people, trapped in a mysterious ship surrounded by supernatural creatures and events, at the middle of Pacific Ocean. Similar to Until Dawn, gameplay in Man of Medan grants you the ability to make decisions and shape the story by your choices.

While we are going to get on the ghost ship in 2019, Supermassive Games has released in a new trailer, showcasing the efforts and works that team has put on development of the game so far. The trailer, which will receive following parts soon, focuses on the design of environments and settings to show you how many details have to be noticed by the team, to deliver a realistic experience for players. If you are interested in developing games and knowledge of its different processes, don’t miss the video below:

Man of Medan is set to be released during this year on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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