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Man of Medan
Man of Medan

Man of Medan Gets 10 Minutes of Brand Gameplay at E3 2019

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The new project for the studio behind Until Dawn will be launching this Summer but before that, Supermassive Games has provided a brand new footage of the gameplay for Man of Medan that gives us glimpse of what’s going on in this new title and what we have to expect in terms of gameplay.

The main format of Man of Medan is in the same lines as Until Dawn, as the studio attempts to deliver another cinematic experience within video games medium to imply an intensive fear to the players throughout the whole playtime. The Dark Pictures is an anthology series of horror games and the opening title for this franchise is Man of Medan, which follows the story of a couple of friends that began to search for a WW2 ship that has been drowned in the see years ago, but when the night comes, threats are begin to surround the lonely boat.

While Man of Medan will feature zombie-like antagonists, we get to see some new alive enemies in the new gameplay footage of the game which is about 10 minutes long. The trailer starts with some pirate-like guys breaking into your boat and player, who is able to control all the main characters in different situations, will have to make real tough decisions that could totally change the outcomes and destiny for each character.

Man of Medan will be available on August 30 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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