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Madden NFL 20
Madden NFL 20

Madden NFL 20 Officially Announced; Coming in August

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EA Sports develops bunch of titles each year and to be the best in each one, the studio has to keep progressing every year and in the games that are supposed to be an exact simulation of reality, it’s important to add new details and deliver more realistic experience by release every new entry. However, EA Sports usually does the same thing with its IPs and that’s why after so many years, they are still alive and popular. By getting closer to the end of sports seasons, Madden NFL 20 is the first title to be announced by EA for the new year’s simulation games.

According to EA, Madden NFL 20 is going to feature lots of new contents and elements such as a brand new career mode that will let players to generate their own experience through official tournaments of NFL. The game features a Scenario Engine that delivers distinct events and narratives to different players. On the other hand, Madden NFL 20 includes a new mode called “Superstar X-Factor” that will allow you to use iconic players of NFL with an emphasize on their greatest skills. Executive producer of the game Sean Graddy says:

The team this year wanted to ensure that the superstars of the NFL responded and played differently in all aspects in Madden, just as they do on the field every Sunday – we wanted to make sure the stars felt like stars.

At the end, it’s worth noting that Patrick Mahomes will be at the front cover of the game this year. Madden NFL 20 will be coming for PS4, Xbox One and PC on August 2nd.

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