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Lutra City Mysteries Point & Click Adventure on Kickstarter

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Lutra City Mysteries Point & Click Adventure on Kickstarter

The Kickstarter project is now live for Lutra City Mysteries, an upcoming point and click adventure game by Stand Off Software in which you are a detective in an authentic 1940’s noir film.

“Film noir and point & click adventure are very well suited to each other,” says Vance Baryn, creator of the series. “The deep focus on story and character against a backdrop of procedural investigation in film noir is almost the definition of an adventure game.”

Lutra City Mysteries got its start in Second Life where there are currently three full length games in the series and a couple of shorter free episodes. The stand-alone series will bring the stories to a wider audience, and allow for a more immersive experience as well as a wider variety of kinds of puzzles and gameplay mechanics.

The new series will focus on staying true to classic film noir from the lighting and camera angles to the plot and dialog.

“The player will feel like they are the main character in a noir film that was made in the 1940’s” Vance continues. “It’s very important to me to avoid caricature and anachronisms in this series, and the puzzles should fit seamlessly into the plot. Everything is aimed at providing the player a cinematic experience in which he or she is making the tough decisions and cracking the case in a classic film noir.”

Check out the Trailer:

“The project takes inspiration from both the classic and the new crop of adventure games. The games will feature the wide variety of interactions possible in classic adventures which makes exploring the environment so much fun as there is a plethora of things to discover and unique messages as you try new  things. and challenging puzzles!

It will also feature the interesting innovations in newer adventure games such as developing your character and thereby NPC reactions through your decisions and actions, and multiple choices as to how to approach a problem leading you down different paths.”

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