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Lost Judgment DLC Gets Roadmap

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We are less than a month away from the release of the latest game in the Yakuza universe, Lost JudgmentSimilar to other games in the series players can expect a plethora of DLC content coming both at launch and through to next year, and as such RGG Studio and Sega have released a handy road map to help players navigate the content.

Lost Judgment

Quick Start Support Pack

This will be available upon launch to help players get started. It will feature the Hikers Lucky Cat that will bring in some extra money for Yagami depending on how much he travels around the city. In addition, players will get Staminan Spark health items and three extract recipes to craft temporary combat enhancements.

Detective Essentials Pack

This is the first listed on their new roadmap and will be available to those that get the Digital Deluxe Edition or the Digital Ultimate Edition. That being said these are usually made available independently as well. The first big thing you will get is 3 days early access to the game.

Next, you will get a score of items to enhance your game. Items for the game will include three new colors for the Shiba Inu detective dogs to give all your love and affection to. You will get four additional playable SEGA master games for Yagami’s office console to add to the list of games available in the main game. A mobile hover drive board with a new skate park, and additional characters.

You will also get combat perks including six extract recipes that increase Yagami in combat. They offer abilities like ki lasers and telekinesis. You also get the ability to take on Shin Amon in The Gauntlet.

Expansion package school stories

Early trailers told us we were going back to school with Yagami, and this DLC looks to add to that. Available October 26, this will add multiple new activities that encourage further interaction with the school clubs. This includes unique sparring partners for Yagami to box with, a new gear motorcycle, more skins and moves for the dance team, and a new robot for the robotic club.

Yagami will also get a new fighting style, based on Boxing, that he can take to the streets and beat some baddies down.

The Kaito Files Story Expansion

We are gonna have to wait a while for this one but it sounds like it will be worth it. Launching in 2022, this story expansion will have players take the role of Yagami’s partner Kaito. It will feature 10 hours of additional content, though nothing more has been stated yet.

Lost Judgment will be available on September 24 (Sept 21 for Digital Deluxe), for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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