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Lightmatter is Releasing Soon on Steam

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First person puzzler Lightmatter is releasing next Wednesday for PC through Steam. Players will be able to try the game for free, as a timed demo. The game starts Dave Bateson, voice actor of Agent 47, the protagonist of IO Interactive’s Hitman.

Take a look at the announcement trailer down below:

Developer Tunnel Vision Games presents Lightmatter as an “homage to first person puzzlers”, players are expected to face mind-bending puzzles with lights, shadows, beams and platforms. The game’s antagonist is Virgil, the CEO of Lightmatter Technologies.
Virgil has created a new source of energy, the story starts with a problem that appears after his creation, shadows will eat human. Virgil unaware at the moment invited people to see the debut of Lightmatter, the greatest source of renewable energy, and one that good that is as reliable as the Sun.

This invitation includes a one hour tour through my facility, a ten second glance at the launch of Lightmatter, as well as five seconds of eye contact—with me. If that is not enough, bring your wallet. An investment will give you the full tour and prolong our time together. If you behave, I will even let you shake my hand.

During the tour, you will witness mind bending technological wonders. They might force you to think in ways that are difficult for you. But don’t worry, you will come out a smarter human being. The only thing I ask of you before you enter my facility, is to embrace the future, open your mind, and your backpack. Yes, cameras, journals, and other useless items will be confiscated by James, my head of security. Don’t try to shake his hand, he might break yours.

– Virgil
CEO, Lightmatter Technologies

A clever way to break the fourth wall, as Virgil’s invitation is the announcement of the free one hour demo.

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