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True Colors
True Colors

Life is Strange: True Colors Showcases Gameplay

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Upcoming hipster paranormal game Life is Strange: True Colors, developed by Deck Nine recently released a 13-minute gameplay trailer for the game. It showcases Alex upon her arrival to the Colorado town of Haven Springs and focuses on her stop off at the record store run by Life is Strange: Before The Storm returning character Steph.

As fans of the series have probably come to expect by this point (and want for that matter) the segment opens up with an inner monolog from lead character Alex Chen about her memories of going to record stores with her brother Gabe. Those who have seen earlier trailers for this game will know how important her relationship with her brother will be in the central story.

The trailer is complete with plenty of dialog-driven moments, both in the introduction of characters, and in choices, Alex can make. The best choice comes when she chooses between ‘Unicorn Parade’ and ‘Zombie Sandwhich’ for the most pretentious albu… I mean, the next track to get airtime.

While not explored in much detail in this gameplay, it is clear that Steph and Alex have some chemistry from their first interaction. Since Steph will serve as one of two options for players to romance it does offer a good first look at that. It also appears that romance will be more fleshed out in this game, as Life is Strange also had a similar choice but it played out more in the background. In fact, I barely realized it was a thing in the original game till after playing it a second time.

Near the end of the gameplay, we get a look at Alex’s power of empathy when a red aura envelops a character. Like most looks at it before this, however, the scene quickly switches leaving a full understanding of her ability as something we will have to learn when the game releases on September 10, 2021.

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