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Life Is Strange 2
Life Is Strange 2

Life Is Strange 2 Episode 3 Gets a Short Teaser

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Life Is Strange 2 is still ongoing and two episodes out of its all five parts have been released so far. While Dontnod has announced official released dates for all of the episodes recently, today the French studio teased episode 3 by posting a short trailer on the game’s Youtube channel.

Life Is Strange 2 is the second title of the franchise that confirmed and released after successful launches of Life Is Strange and Life Is Strange: Before the Storm. The new entry, which represents new characters and story within the same universe, follows the story of two brothers, Sean and Daniel. The siblings had an ordinary life until their father gets killed by police officer and it causes awakening of some supernatural abilities in Daniel, which aside it’s benefits, puts him in enough troubles that makes him to runaway with his brother. Here you can check out the teaser:

Third episode of Life Is Strange 2 will be available on May 9th and as the teaser reveals, it will probably represents a scene with Sean and Cassidy talking in a campfire with other characters sitting around the fire with them.

Dontnod’s ongoing title will receive it’s fourth and fifth episodes on August 22 and December 3, meaning by closing to the end of this year, our journey with Sean and Daniel will come to an end.

If you’ve played the first two episodes, share your ideas with us about the game so far. For more information on the game, follow Gaming Instincts on Twitter.

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