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Yo-Kai Watch 4
Yo-Kai Watch 4

Level-5 Reveals A New Yo-Kai Watch 4 Trailer

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Level-5 Reveals A New Yo-Kai Watch 4 Trailer

Yo-Kai Watch 4 is now releasing this spring in Japan after being delayed in late 2018, to get fans excited Level-5 has just unveiled a new gameplay trailer at World Hobby Fair 2019 event in Nagoya, Japan.

Check the new trailer down below:

The trailer stars Keita – the original protagonist and one of the many playable human characters in the latest game. It shows off the world you’ll be able to explore and the Yo-Kai you can expect to encounter in battle.

Yo-kai Watch 3 – was first released in Japan in 2016 and was recently made available in Europe at the end of 2018.

If you can’t wait that long you can get Yo-Kai Watch by February 8th on Nintendo 3DS, read below the game’s description:

Mischievous beings known as Yo-kai are everywhere, and it’s up to Nate and Hailey Anne to befriend, battle, and solve problems with them.

Follow two parallel stories and unravel the mysteries behind strange sightings while meeting over 600 Yo-kai and using the new 3×3 grid battle system to strategically dish out or dodge attacks.

More Yo-kai, more mysteries! ’Merican Yo-kai have made their way to YO-KAI WATCH 3 and they’re rootin’ tootin’ troublemakers. Speaking of troublemakers, in BBQ, zombies rise from their graves and Nate must free the town during Zombie Night. If you’re too afraid of zombies, you can always find treasure by exploring randomly generated dungeons and discover the truth about the mysterious ruins hidden all across the continent with the Yo-kai Blasters T group.

Gematsu reports that the Action-RPG it’s currently playable at World Hobby Fair and while we don’t have a release date for the west the wait it shouldn’t be that long if players show Nintendo and Level-5 some attention towards it, let your opinion be heard comment section below. Are you excited for this game, would you buy it for your little brother?, also keep it tuned to Gaming Instincts for all the updates on Yo-Kai Watch 4.

Read the full article at – Nintendo Life.

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