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LEGO The Incredibles
LEGO The Incredibles

LEGO The Incredibles Video Game Leaked

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LEGO The Incredibles Video Game Leaked

According to Liam Roberston (the one that leaked Mario Rabbids for Switch and the L.A. Noire remaster months before they were announced), a LEGO video game based on the popular Pixar movie, The Incredibles, is on development. The title of this game is rumored to be “LEGO The Incredibles 2”, the story of the game is also rumored to be tied to the upcoming, long awaited sequel of The Incredibles movie, which will be releasing on June 15th, 2018 around the world. The details of this rumored game are scarce right now, but it is pretty straight forward what wthis game will be about.

Since this is the first video game adaptation of the film, it would be natural to tell the story to the first movie, since The Incredibles 2 will start right after the original movie ended. If this information is true, it will be the first LEGO video game based on a Pixar movie.

This rumor shouldn’t be a surprise for some of the fans of the franchise, since it was revealed in August 2017, that LEGO The Incredibles 2 products were on the way. The toy sets from LEGO were leaked on Imgur this year,but was swiftly taken offline by way of DMCA claim. The leak contained a catalogue of The Incredibles 2 toy sets from LEGO that were planned for a May 2018 release and stated that an unannounced video game linked to an unspecified Pixar property was on the way.

The Incredibles have lived in a playable format before with two video games on PlayStation 2, Xbox, Gamecube, and various other platforms. The first game was an adaptation of the film and the sequel, Rise of the Underminer, was essentially a sequel to the film that released a year after the movie hit theaters. It’s likely WB will probably recreate the first Incredibles film as well as sequences from The Incredibles 2 to feel like a complete package but this is all speculation.

A previous leak suggested that a wave of Incredibles 2 Lego toy sets and an unspecified video game would hit in May 2018, a month before the release of the film. If this holds true, we could be getting some hands-on time with Lego Incredibles 2 a few weeks before we see the movie.

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