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Layers of Fear 2
Layers of Fear 2

Layers of Fear 2 Will Take You 9 to 10 Hours to Finish It

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Psychological horror enthusiasts was so happy when Bloober Studio announced a sequel for it’s horrifying title back in 2018. Since then, the studio has been tight-lipped on Layers of Fear 2, until PAX East 2019, where they unveiled a 10-minute gameplay of their upcoming title, and now we get to hear more about the story and gameplay, according to a new interview of Wes Keltner from publisher team with Gamereactor.

Wes Keltner says that Layers of Fear 2 features a brand new story and character with a lot of horror references within the game. He said:

The second one is an entire new story, so it’s not like it picks up where part one left off, it’s not like that; new story. It focuses primarily on film […] a lot of horror references are found within, going all the way back from like Nosferatu […] that’s within the colours and the actual environments you’re walking around in, so that’s what we were most excited about when we met with Bloober Team, because we’re big horror people as well, so when we saw the direction they were going with part two, we were like ‘oh my gosh, what can we do to help you guys?

In other part of interview, Keltner also revealed that the game contains more hours of gameplay in comparison to the first title, as it takes you more than 9 hours to reach the ending. Unfortunately he didn’t talk about any release window or target platform of Layers of Fear 2.

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