Kraze – Kickstarter – Launching Friday 16.02.18

Ever wanted to beat your friends to a bloody pulp?
Pull someone’s arms off?
Beat someone to death with their own legs?
Back KRAZE and you can!

Players wake up in random locations around an island in the Pacific.
They must arm themselves and organize, or run away and hide to survive what’s coming.
One player wakes up in the middle of the island being pumped full of a cocktail of drugs, steroids and adrenaline.

The military are field testing a new super-soldier formula called KRAZE. which turns the subject into a super strong, rage-filled monster, able to smash through walls, leap over buildings and tear people limb from limb,
The formula increases muscle and bone density to such a degree they can withstand a certain amount of gun fire, and even grenades and rocket launchers, however, it is still possible to kill them.

K — Ketamine hydrochloride
R — Rayloxifene
A — Adrenaline
Z — Zoledronic Acid
E — Epinephrine
The KRAZE player must kill everyone before the drugs wear off and he passes out.

Can one beat many?
Can many beat The One?

Who gets the be the Monster?
This is the most asked question we’ve had, the player selected to be the Monster will be the player with the most points going into the game, which then resets their point count.
Points are earned by fighting these monsters, do damage to a KRAZE player earn points. Survive the game to earn bonus points.
Kill a KRAZE player and earn a massive bonus.
KRAZE players earn points too, each person they kill earns points, kill everyone for a bonus.
The quicker they wipe everyone out, the more points they’ll earn.
Concept Art
KRAZE is a unique game idea, we’re always interested in pushing the boundaries of gameplay.

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