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Character from upcoming Hideo Kojima title, Death Stranding
Character from upcoming Hideo Kojima title, Death Stranding

Kojima Confirms First-Person View in Death Stranding

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With Hideo Kojima’s next elusive title releasing on the PS4 in just a few months from now, the hype for Death Stranding is continuing to accelerate. Along with plenty of talks about expected features and other intricate details on the game starring Norman Reedus, Hideo Kojima himself has been pulling back a bit more of the curtain the closer we inch to release.

The latest snippet of information teased by Kojima reveals that players will be able to experience a unique first-person view during the game. The tweet from Kojima mentions the new view, but iterates that this shouldn’t change the perception of what Death Stranding is. It’s not a first-person shooter, so fans shouldn’t expect a sudden shift to a different genre.

Kojima still refers to Death Stranding as an action game, explains that it’s more than a stealth game and the inclusion of a first-person view doesn’t make it a first-person shooter game. If you’ve been paying attention to all of the trailers for Death Stranding up until this point, that should be made apparent already. However, it’s still uncertain as to what is meant by the new camera view. Will it be similar to Red Dead Redemption II’s inclusion of the mode which makes the entire game playable in first-person? Or, something closer to Dragon Quest XI which is merely a view for taking in the scenery with no real exploration or combat available while entering the new mode?

This new information on the game is pretty interesting, nonetheless. While the game looks gorgeous in its natural third person view, being able to see the world through Sam’s eyes in first-person mode should present more immersive moments throughout the experience.

In other recent news regarding Death Stranding, it also appears that the game has since been removed from the PS4 exclusive category, along with a rumor for the game being announced for additional platforms. There’s already been plenty of talk about the game releasing on PC while other outlets assume the game will be a cross-generation title releasing on the next-gen PlayStation, as well.

Regardless, for now Death Stranding will be releasing solely on the PS4 with the first-person view and all on November 8, 2019.

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