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Kirby Star Allies
Kirby Star Allies

Kirby Star Allies is coming to Nintendo Switch in March

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Kirby Star Allies is coming to Nintendo Switch in March

Nintendo will release Kirby Star Allies for Nintendo Switch on March 16, the company revealed during a surprise mini-Nintendo Direct.

This game features single player gameplay with three computer counterparts (or three buddies), but the newest mechanic seems the most interesting. Mixing powers to create other abilities, sort of like Kirby and the Crystal Shards on Nintendo 64, could make for some good puzzles.Star Allies looks to be a really cute and fun time.

What’s coolest about this very friendship-oriented game is Kirby’s new item, the friend heart. He can not only invite other Kirby pals into the party, but he can also get enemies to join alongside him. Sending a friend heart toward an enemy will inspire it to join up with its new best friend Kirby, which is probably as cute as it sounds.

Check out the Trailer:

Kirby Star Allies, first teased at E3 in June, allows four friends to adventure in traditional 2D Kirby gameplay, but you aren’t limited to just using other Kirby characters. Throw a heart at an enemy to turn it into an ally, which can then be used for special “team up” attacks if you’re using the correct abilities. Should Kirby have the “ESP” ability for instance, he can turn another character into a stone projectile to drop on enemies’ heads. If one player is using a fire ability while another is using ice, you can even deal extra damage against baddies.

Thus far, story details or limited, but Nintendo said in a Nintendo Direct presentation that a “dark new force” is manipulating Kirby’s home of Dreamland. We briefly see King Dedede, who looks absolutely ripped swinging across a series of wooden pillars as he attacks our heroes on the ground below. Dedede is a longtime Kirby villain, but the force making its way through Dreamland seems to have made him even more dastardly than usual.

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