Kirby And The Forgotten Land Announced

After several rumors that Kirby would be making an appearance during the Nintendo Direct Event Today, indeed Kirby did float his way onto the stage in a brand new adventure. Kirby And The Forgotten Land will be his next full-length game since the release of Kirby Star Allies in 2018.

At the start of the trailer, you might not even realize that this indeed is a Kirby game, needing the titular character to wash up before it becomes clear. That is because it showcases what appears to be an overgrowth city that has clearly seen better days. We get multiple looks at this area that include a mall, a city block, as well as a bridge.

When the trailer finally moves into gameplay we also get a very different feel than the previous game as we see the gameplay out in 3 dimensions. Kirby explores the city in every direction before moving on to other fantasy areas complete with the classic enemies, as well as few new ones. There will also be formidable bosses that Kirby will need to contend with.

You can also expect Kirby to get his usual assortment of abilities he can use when eating his enemies. This includes his link-like outfit complete with a sword, as well as his ice breath and boomerang hat. These will come in handy as enemies seem to take more work this time around than usual.

If you are excited to play as everybody’s favorite placeholder turned video game mascot then you should not have too long to wait. The end of the trailer revealed that Kirby And The Forgotten Land will be landing on the switch at some point in the Spring of 2022. I am sure we will get plenty of looks at the game between then and now as well.

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