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A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV Debut Trailer

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A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV Debut Trailer

The story of A King’s Tale is told in the style of a fairy tale to young Noctis and features Cid, as well as other characters we haven’t even met yet. It’s set in Insomnia as well as two other locations in the Final Fantasy XV world. Players will be able to use melee, summons, magic and even companion attacks.

This is an EB Games/Gamestop exclusive pre-order bonus, so in order to grab it, you’ll have to place your pre-order with EB Games/Gamestop. It’ll be available on both PS4 and Xbox One on the same release date as Final Fantasy XV: Sept. 30, 2016. Best of all: it’s free! And that’s why they call it a bonus.

Check out the Trailer:

“First and foremost, the graphics are gorgeous. The game’s visuals are both stylized and exaggerated, giving A King’s Tale its own distinct look without completely eschewing the art styles of the core Final Fantasy XV game or the other tie-in projects. It’s different, sure, but it’s hard not to gawk when the different monster designs and particle effects start filling the screen.

Also, while there wasn’t much in the way of story presented in the trailer, the idea of playing through one of King Regis’ old war stories is an interesting hook. The CG Kingsglaive movie is set to focus on the modern-day Regis, so getting a chance to peek into the character’s past is something that fans haven’t seen just yet. There’s a lot we still don’t know about the king — but that could change once A King’s Tale launches.”

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