Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III’s Director Teases Critical Mode

Kingdom Hearts III’s Director Teases Critical Mode

According with an interview with Kingdom Hearts III’s Director Tetsuya Nomura revealed that Square Enix is planning to release a Critical Mode which basically is a harder difficulty setting for more experienced players.

New details about Kingdom Hearts III’s teased DLC surfaced this morning, including confirmation of a harder difficulty setting and new story content.

According to the interview, Nomura doesn’t want the new difficulty setting to simply increase enemies’ health bars. He explains that the mode will make adjustments that “pinpoint a level of fun unique to Critical Mode.”

Nomura teased new story content, as well, but didn’t detail how much it would cost or how it would be distributed. The DLC will center around Xion and her fate, as well as tying into the conclusion of Kingdom Hearts III.

After a decade of development Kingdom Hearts III released a month ago and it’s has been very well received by the critic and players has loved the game, it’s very nice to hear from the development team it’s eager to please fans’ request and I can only dream of more adventures to arrive Kingdom Hearts III.

Read the full article at – Gameinformer.

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