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Kingdom Hearts III
Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III: Face My Fears Official Music Video Released

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Kingdom Hearts III: Face My Fears Official Music Video Released

Kingdom Hearts III opening song by Hikaru Utada and Skrillex has now an official music video, it shows some of the gameplay, cutscenes and even some spoilers.

Check Face my Fears official video here:

As a single, the song has been seeing quite a bit of success, being Hikaru Utada’s first ever song on the US Billboard Top 100 at #98, and hitting #1 on the World Digital Song Sales according to Nielson music.

The video features the Japanese version of Face My Fears and a ton of game footage that ultimately looks like a fan-made FMV. It likely is, as Skrillex is an admitted fan of the series – I would not be at all shocked to learn that he edited it himself. Be careful though, as someone whose already finished the game, I was shocked to see some decent spoilers in it.

Kingdom Hearts III has received positive reviews around the world and it’s now the fans favorite in the Kingdom Hearts’ saga, the gameplay is as good as before but faster and more intuitive, and the history is perhaps the best in the series, by February 1st the game has sold over 610K copies just in Japan way more that Resident Evil 2.

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