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The King of Fighters XIV
The King of Fighters XIV

King of Fighters XIV Story and Antonov Trailers

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King of Fighters XIV Story and Antonov Trailers

During this year’s EVO 2016 tournament series SNK Playmore took to the stage and announced that the King of Fighters XIV demo would go live on July 19th. They also unveiled a brand new story trailer for the game.

The demo will contain seven playable characters, as revealed in the original story. What you probably didn’t know was what sort of modes would be included and what sort of bonuses would come with the demo.

The seven playable characters in the King of Fighters XIV demo will include Shun’ei from Team China, Kyo Kusanagi from Team Japan, Nelson from Team South America, Sylvie from The Official Invitation Team, King of Dinosaurs, Mai Shiranui from the Women’s Team, and Iori Yagami from Team Iori.

Check out the Trailers:

“The game’s due out on 23rd August in North America and 26th August in Europe, of course, and the embedded Story Trailer released to coincide with EVO 2016 includes a brief look at the title’s campy single player mode, which appears to revolve around some ridiculous supernatural entities. The firm also announced the game’s villain this weekend: a billionaire named Antonov who’s bought the rights to the King of Fighters brand just so that he can declare himself, well, the One True King of Fighters.”

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