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Kinda Funny Games Showcase
Kinda Funny Games Showcase

Kinda Funny Games Showcase Will Present Over 60 Indie Games

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Right now, we are standing on the edge of E3 2019 and tons of trailers and details are about to come out all at the same time and it’s obvious that highly anticipated AAA titles will dominate stages of the popular shows at every important conference, so it seems there is no enough space for indie games, but wait a minute, did you see Greg Miller’s latest tweet? Over 60 indie games are going to appear at Kinda Funny Games Showcase and it’s just amazing.

The man no.1 behind Kinda Funny Games Showcase has officially announced that their special upcoming show for E3 2019 will feature more than 60 indie games which is an incredible chance for all small developers to premiere their titles at the most important gaming event of the year.

Kinda Funny Games Showcase did the same thing last year in December after The Game Awards 2018 and we were pleased to get familiar with tons of new upcoming indie titles with so many creative ideas behind and for this year, the show is going to get even bigger. I don’t whether you will have the time to watch it but I’m definitely a huge fan of the show because of its valuable content.

You will be able to see all of these titles on June 10 at 4:30 PM PT.

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