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Kill Strain Launching on July 19, Early Access for PS Plus

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Kill Strain Launching on July 19, Early Access for PS Plus

Sony San Diego is getting ready to release the second of its three free-to-play PlayStation 4 games. Kill Strain pits two teams of mercenaries against powerful mutants and a ticking clock.

The top-down multiplayer game features a unique mechanic that sees team sizes and allegiances shift throughout the course of the game. Human teams start with four players each, with one or two AI mutants on the map, too.

During the match, the mutants can wound and capture humans, converting them into the disfigured hulks. Kill Strain is currently in closed testing, with a big wave of codes going out from June 29 through July 3. Anyone that hits rank 20 by July 4 will get an in-game item. PlayStation Plus members can start playing on July 12. Everyone else can join the fight on July 19.

Check out the Trailer:

“Kill Strain is a PvP experience that pits three teams against one another under uniquely dynamic circumstances. Composed of two teams of four humans, and one team of one or two mutants; mutants have the ability to turn the human combatants — resulting in the team sizes shifting as the match progresses. Matches end when one of three end conditions are met: 1) All Humans Turned, 2) Base Destroyed (Human or Mutant), 3) Strain Takes Over (Time Runs Out).”

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