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Batman and the Arkham Knight
Batman and the Arkham Knight

Key Arkham Knight Writers Currently Working on Fable Reboot

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Well it would seem like that quite a few members of Rocksteady Games’ scriptwriting team have joined Microsoft’s Playground Games to write for a new Fable Reboot.

That’s right, the developers of Forza are taking in some new staff in order to work on what is sure to be a reboot a a title that hasn’t see much light in recent years.

We know this as the Senior Scriptwriter Kim MacAskill joined the new team in August 2019, which is pretty recent. Also during that time, the lead scriptwriter for Arkham Knight, Martin Lancaster became Playground Games’ new narrative director. Another one of the Senior Scriptwriters, Craig Owens is now a principal scriptwriter at Playground Games.

The writer for Du Lac & Fey: Dance of Death, joined Playground in August along with MacAskill.

As of now, Playground has not said anything about this new Fable Reboot if any other RPG that they could be working on. It’s more likely that they’ll announce this information later this year. In the meantime, they’ve definitely been hiring for their development team for the past three years. They include Metal Gear Solid V’s project manager, Hellblade’s lead animator, and Ghost Recon Wildlands’ lead character artist.

Microsoft announced that it acquired Playground Games in June 2018 with the release of their Forza Horizon titles.

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