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Gran Turismo Sports Kazunori Yamauchi
Gran Turismo Sports Kazunori Yamauchi

Kazunori Yamauchi Suggest Less Updates for Gran Turismo Sports

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The real racing simulator, Gran Turismo Sports will receive three new cars soon, Polyphony Digital’s boss Kazunori Yamauchi suggested that 2020 will receive less updates.


In the tease image we can notice a small boxy car, the design seems similar to Fiat Abarth 500, the other two cars are more difficult to guess, one seems like an sports cars from the early 90, the car features a long hood that it’s reminiscent of the American sport cars design from earlier generations. Japanese manufacturers were heavily influenced by American car design, so it’s very likely that the second car teased is a Japanese car, the design is very similar to the Nissan Silvia, or as is called in America, Nissan 180SX.

The last car is a serious performance machine, and this is design is very clear, it’s an Aston Martin DB9, the car combines “Power, Beauty and Soul” for players who want to win with style. The British manufacturer is a recognized force in the motorsport. Recently it was announced that Aston Martin will return to the F1 after the acquisition of Racing Point. Aston Martin is a solid choice for British players who wants a serious performance car to represent their country in the GT Sports Manufacturers League.

Speculation might lead to image that Polyphony Digital is making adjustment to Gran Turismo Sports in anticipation to the PlayStation 5 release, it’s expected that Gran Turismo Sports will be playable on the upcoming console with an increase in performance.

Kazunori Yamauchi recently revealed that he is interested in seeing Gran Turismo games running at a higher frame-rate, he aims at 120FPS and hopes for 240FPS. Something that fits a racing simulator, professional players would surely benefit a more fluid game as driving at 200mph at twice the fps more information is shared to the player. A racer needs to make quick adjustment in steering, braking and accelerating, considering this, it’s something that would greatly improve the racing sim.

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