KaleidoGames bring their second title to Steam : Beekyr Reloaded

Beekyr Reloaded is an unique beat ’em up ¬†game. The game breaks molds moving away from the typical shmup game, avoiding the space theme mixing vertical and horizontal scrolling stages with very varied game mechanics. Each stage is very different from the previous stage: one level we could be fighting scorpions, another defending the hive collecting pollen, dodging birds, raiding caves behind waterfalls protected by angry fish or we could be escaping from the wasp-hive after just killing the queen.

Beekyr Reloaded has 28 levels across 4 colorful worlds, going darker with every stage. First levels, full of colour, display naivety and happiness. The later, dark with cold fog and evil creatures lurking between plants full of spikes.

Check out the Trailer:

“A few months ago, I ended developing Vortex Attack for Steam, it has been quite a success for me: It had around 3500 people getting the game. The game was created for a really small niche group of players that enjoyed Galaga-ish games back in the day. The game is tournament / hi-scores based and it is well balanced. People enjoy it and get really addicted to the game. Some players unexpectedly have played over 200hours.

A few years ago, I developed another shooter (shmup) game that was quite a lot of fun too, but it was our first game and I made lots and lots of mistakes. That game was called Beekyr: Eco shoot’em up , it was designed with a kids theme theme but for hardcore players and that, obviously, didn’t work economically, But the game has over 16.000 downloads (still active) in the Android’s Google Store alone.

Recently I started fixing that game into something a lot more cool (adult) with lots of new features. I started thinking what was missing or wrong about that first Beekyr. A few weeks after tweaking some bits, I decided to have a full redesign as I got offered to place it into Steam. So I decided to start redesigning the cover, which was the most childish part of the game.”

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