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Phoenix Point
Phoenix Point

Julian Gollop Confirms Phoenix Point Has Been Delayed

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Julian Gollop Confirms Phoenix Point Has Been Delayed

Creative director Julian Gollop has released an official announcement where he explains that the spiritual succesor of X-Com will be delayed in order to give developers “the chance to test and polish the gameplay much more extensively.”

Phoenix Point was originally scheduled to release in June, now it’s coming on September 2019.

Check the official announcement below:

“I realize this is going to be disappointing news for a lot of people, and I’m really sorry about it,” Gollop said in a brief video message. “We didn’t take this decision lightly, but I think this investment of additional time and resources will help the game live up to your expectations.”

A new version of Phoenix Point for backers of the Fig crowdfunding campaign will be released in March, “with a large amount of new content” that will be revealed soon. Phoenix Point was originally targeting a 2018 release, but has grown in scope since then.

Known as the man “man who gave birth to the X-COM franchise” Julian Gollop is a British video game designer and producer specializing in strategy games, he founded and led Mythos Games, Codo Technologies and Snapshot Games.

Read the full article at – PC Gamer.

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