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Judgment QR Code Locations Part 1: Skills, Frame and Turbo Codes

Judgment QR Code Locations Part 1: Skills, Frame and Turbo Codes

Judgment is full of minigames to play and people to help all around Kamurocho. For example, after beating your first Drone Race League, you’ll meet Sebastian Hutton, an American who speaks fluent Japanese. He wants you to look for 50 QR codes all around Kamurocho in order to get you the best Drone parts. Additionally, there are 5 skills that are only available via 5 extra QR codes. Well we know where every single QR code is in the city. For this guide I’ll go over the locations of the Skills, Frame, and Turbo codes.

Skill Codes

Starting off, let’s check out where all 5 of the skill codes are found.

To start, head to the Yoshida Batting Center. Head to the right of all of the batting cages and right before passing the viewing window, a poster with a man running toward arrows will have a QR code which will give you Blessing of the Wind God.

Next Head to the Kamuro Theater and take the elevator inside to the roof. When you’re there, look for a screen-door hallway on the side with a vending machine in the end. The poster should be right next to the vending machine and it will give you Dire Determination.

Then next code is right outside of Yagami’s Detective office right behind the white car blocking the alleyway. This code will give you EX Light Bullet, which is available only in the VR minigame.

Now head to the empty lot south of the Champion District. When you enter look south and take out your drone. The poster should be on a window right under an air conditioner to learn Tiger Drop.

Finally the last Skill Code is north of Wild Jackson on West Taihei Boulevard. Head inside of the building north of the restaurant to find an elevator with the sign saying “SPUNKY” on top of it. Now head inside and you’ll come across the last skill QR code to learn EX Tiger Dances with Crane.

Frame Codes

Now let’s move on to the Drone QR codes. There’s 5 categories with 10 QR codes each and Hutton will be happy that you went out of your way to find them. For now, we’re going over the Frame and Motor Codes

The first code is East of Yoshida Batting Center. Look across and you’ll see a blue hotel sign. Look to the left on the third floor and the code is seen directly on the stairway.

Now South of the Yoshida Batting Center building is this sign with a teacup on it, fly your drone up there and take a picture of it.

Next, head to this area on the NW Theater Square and look NorthWest of the Mantai Internet Café Building for the Kamuro Chinemals sign, and it will be on the top left.

Now head to this alleyway North of Shichifuku Street, and you’ll see a sign saying 3F, next to it is the radiator with the QR code on it.

Now head South of Shichifuku Parking lot and look for the signs with the prettyboys on them. Look for the sign that says “Freshness” and you can find the code right on that sign.

Then head to the lot area North of Tenkaichi Alley, go to the rightmost path and you should see it in the building in front of you one story above.

In the alleyway north of Don Quijote, lies a QR code. If you’re coming from the south you can see the code a few stories above you over an air vent.

Now go to the lot that’s South of the Champion District. If you normally enter the lot, you’ll immediately see it to the East to the left of a radiator.

Finally, head North of Senryo Avenue. Coming from the north as you enter, there’s a building to your left that has several columns. On the third column, next to a bike and a yellow sign, is the last Frame code.

The very last code is further down Senryo Avenue. You’ll see an Amazoness sign glowing to your right. Fly your drone up there and the code is yours.

Turbo Codes

Next are the turbo codes starting off with the one North of the Club Sega building on Theater Square. It’s above the big red sign that says “POWER”.

On the Eastern end of Shichifuku Street, is the next Turbo Code. If you look north, it’s on the nose of the man’s face on the yellow advertisement, it’s hard to ignore.

The third one is in the little section directly west of the Mantai Internet Café. You can see it between the two windows on the connecting bridge here.

If you head to the Western entrance of the Champion District, you’ll see an entrance sign with purple Japanese text. If you look directly on the opposite side of the sign, you can find the QR code to the left.

The next code is inside of Kamuro Theater on a sign just above the entrance ramp. Just activate your drone OUTSIDE, and you should be able to fly right in and find it snug in the middle of the directions sign above.

On Tenkaichi Street South of the Poppo here is a building with a car with a green tarp on it. Look above it for the white sign with purple leaves on it and the QR Code should be on the top left corner.

Head South of Bar Tender and you will see a small car with a blue tarp on it. If you look above you can see the code sitting below a radiator.

South of the Kyushu No. 1 Star building, are some Manhattan Lounge Bar signs, on the corner of the building is the code that you’ll need here.

This next one is pretty simple as it is directly on the sign right outside of the Yagami Detective Agency.

The last code can be found in Café’ Alps. After entering the building, go through the backdoors and enter the alleyway where you have a fight in during Chapter 2. Turn to the right and reach the end. Now do a 180 turn and it should be right above you over some radiators.

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