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Jason Schreier Talks About Ubisoft Leaks – Rumors

On the latest episode of his podcast, Jason Schreier talked about information he has received through sources as of recently. All the information concerns potential Ubisoft Leaks. While some of the information seems to confirm leaks we have already heard, other information gives more information as to what we might expect in the future.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

For starters, he discussed a new potential Assassin’s Creed game that may be in development. The one he referred to is supposed to be huge, way bigger than the previous release of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. However, he also stated that this game is years away and might not be the NEXT game in the series. The rumor maybe for the first truly next-gen game in the series, with a version for both intended next.

On top of that, he discussed a potential Assassin’s Creed game being changed from a full title to possibly a DLC for the existing Valhalla. This one was in development by Ubisoft Sofia before this shift in concept. Whether this was the next game in the series or something else remains unclear.

Far Cry fans can also expect changes coming to the franchise. Though it is unclear as to what these changes may be he described them as being radical in the way they will change up the game. This year’s Far Cry 6 is already shaking up the formula a bit, having some cutscenes presented in 3rd person, and having you play as a local character to the conflict. It should be interesting to see further changes to this.

Skull & Bones was also brought up during the podcast. He claimed that the game can be expected during 2022 or beyond. Ubisoft has commented earlier this year that this is the expected window. Since that is not too far in the future, we can hope that it is showcased at E3.

Finally for a game that most likely will not appear, and therefore the last of its momentum is dead, is Beyond Good And Evil 2. Jason claims the game is still very… VERY Early in development. This should not come as a shock as the departure of Michel Ancel, amid a story Jason himself broke, was a huge setback for the overly ambitious game. I guess the good news is it is still in development at all.

While we cannot confirm this personally, Jason Schreier has very good relations with several Ubisoft employees. This would lead me to suspect that most of what he stated has some credibility behind it. E3 will be happening over the next few days, you can check our complete schedule here.

Source – Reddit

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