Japanese Developers Team Up for Military Tactics Game TINY METAL

Japanese Developers Team Up for Military Tactics Game TINY METAL

AREA 34 is pleased to announce TINY METAL, a military-themed turn-based tactical game for PlayStation 4 and PC developed by a team of industry veterans from Japan known as Project Milk. the game draws inspiration from titles like Advance Wars and aims to modernize this long-forgotten game genre with deep tactical gameplay for both casual and hardcore fans, an engaging story, and a mesmerizing soundtrack. Project Milk is headed by Hiroki Kikuta, who is best known as the composer of Secret of Mana, but also has extensive experience creating games, with the game marking his triumphant return to game development.

Check out the Trailer:

“The game appears to follow the same turn-based rock, paper, scissors format found in games like those of the Advance Wars series. The basic units are infantry, followed by scout vehicles, which are fast and lightly armored and have various weapon loadouts. Tanks are of course heavily armored, slow, and expensive and have limited movement range. They make up for this with long-range weaponry. Gunships are fast and heavily armed, but are vulnerable to damage. Due to their flight ability, they are not hindered by terrain, and can see further than other units.

All units are upgradeable and there are more in the works. There are three factions and playable leaders, and each have unique properties, such as greater numbers, speed, or strength.”

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