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Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy VII

Japan Picks Final Fantasy X and Cloud as the Best In the Series

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NHK a Japanese Broadcaster ran a poll for Final Fantasy fans, the motive was to determine which is the best Final Fantasy in the series, and which of the main protagonist and antagonist is the fans’ favorite. Surprisingly Final Fantasy X managed to beat Final Fantasy VII as the most cherished game for the fans. Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII was the fan’s favorite, Yuna from the Final Fantasy X was in second place as the most loved protagonist.

The top five Final Fantasy games according to Japanese fans:


  • Final Fantasy X (2001)
  • Final Fantasy VII (1997)
  • Final Fantasy VI (1994)
  • Final Fantasy IX (2000)
  • Final Fantasy XIV (2010~)

The top five Final Fantasy protagonist:


  • Cloud StrifeFinal Fantasy VII
  • YunaFinal Fantasy X
  • Aerith GainsboroughFinal Fantasy VII
  • Vivi OrnitierFinal Fantasy IX
  • Zidane TribalFinal Fantasy IX



While it might be surprising that Final Fantasy X beat FFVII, the game defined a new route for the franchise and is one of the most successful games in the whole series. the game is the first one in the series to feature voice actors and real-time expressions, the FFX project started on 1999 and crossed the line between what’s a videogame and a real Hollywood like production. Featuring amazing storytelling and mind blowing plot twist the game is clearly one of the best in the franchise. The game saw a resurgence in popularity since its remastered edition launched for PC, PS4, PS3, Switch and Xbox One.

Final Fantasy VII shares the same scenario that made FFX a success, originally planned for the Nintendo 64, Squaresoft was more interested in the full motion video capability of the Sony PlayStation and larger storage capabilities of a CD compared to a N64 cartridge, the PSX being a less powerful console was not less capable than the Nintendo 64, and managed to steal one of the franchises that allowed Nintendo so much success in the 16 bit era. Final Fantasy VII released on a different platform being totally different from previous installments, featuring 3d graphics, staggering CGI cutscenes and an overhaul in the sound quality and the total length of the story. Receiving a prequel, a movie and the upcoming Remake FFVII is clearly Square Enix’ favorite.

Maybe Japanese have a different taste in RPG than Europeans and Americans, which is your favorite FF game of all time? Is VII, IX or X? Let me know in the comment section below.

Source: Nintendo Life

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