Iron Man VR

Iron Man VR Received a Behind-The-Scene Trailer at SDCC 2019

After last year’s incredibly successful PS4-exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man that’s now officially the best-selling superhero-based game of the history, Sony has got another exclusive experience from the world of Marvel and its beloved superheroes to deliver later this year. Iron Man VR is attempting to really bring you the feel of Iron suit through the PlayStation VR and here the developers explain how it’s going to happen.

During San Diego Comic Con 2019, Marvel’s panel has lots of things to show about video games. From confirming new characters for Switch-exclusive Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 to showcasing the gameplay demo for anticipated Marvel’s Avengers game from Crystal Dynamics. In between, we also got the chance to have a new look at Iron Man VR that’s going to exclusively hit PS4 and PlayStation VR this year.

According to a behind-the-scene trailer of the game, the development team explained that what’s their purpose in Iron Man VR. Camouflaj, the team behind the VR game, claimed that it’s going to bring a realistic feel of flying by Iron Man’s suit. So, just like what you see in comics and movies, you’re going to control the suit by moving your hand, and also get a well-fitting HUD in front of yourself to help you in both flying and fighting against enemies. You will be able to fly anywhere you want at any speed you prefer. Keep this in mind the team is working hardly to deliver an experience in which every move that you make is cause a difference that you can feel it. Here you can check the trailer and get more in-depth details:

Iron Man VR hasn’t got an exact release date yet, but the game will be launched on PSVR till the end of this year.

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