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IO Interactive
IO Interactive

IO Interactive Established A New Studio In Sweden

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IO Interactive Established A New Studio In Sweden

IO Interactive renowned by Hitman series has inaugurated a new studios in Malmo, Sweden, IO Interactive didn’t share any details about what’s next or what this new studio will be working on.

This will expand our muscles for creating brand-new and exciting endeavours, new universes, new franchises. In other words, IOI Malmo and Copenhagen are one family,” said IOI CEO Hakan Abrak.

“The IOI expansion in Malmo was a natural choice as there is a very strong existing video game industry. I believe it has all opportunities to become the epicentre of game development in Scandinavia.”

Formerly owned by Square Enix, IO Interactive is the developer of the Hitman franchise, their main selling series, and have developed many other video games such as the Kane and Lynch series, and Freedom Fighters, It was founded in September 1998 by the Reto-Moto development group.

Keep it tuned to Gaming Instincts for more updates about IO Interactive and what this new studio will develop, but for the meanwhile what would you like to see from IO Interactive, more Hitman games orerhaps a battle royale mode for Hitman?, let your opinion be heard in the comment section below.

Read the full article at – VG247

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