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Inside Xbox and Mixer Content Creators Have Been Caught Up in a Layoff

Writing this piece of news for me as a content creator feels a bit sad, but unfortunately, some people at Inside Xbox and Mixer who were doing original content creating jobs, have been unemployed due to a recent layoff by Microsoft.

To be accurate, the layoff has happened before E3 2019, when we didn’t see any new posts from Inside Xbox since April this year, except a single post during E3 which didn’t seem to need so much of work to justify two months of inactivity. During yesterday and earlier today, some of the content creators and hosts for Inside Xbox officially announced that they have been caught up in a recent layoff and now are unemployed. The wave of layoffs also encompasses some creators from Mixer too.

While Microsoft has been tight-lipped on the matter so far, it might refer to a change in the way Inside Xbox and Mixer were performing in terms of contents. With such a huge layoff specifically affecting original content creators, Microsoft probably won’t have any plan to support such way of communicating with fans any more.

Inside Xbox is a show especially focusing on the green team and games that are coming its console and services. The last episode of the show went live during E3 2019 and with its hosts, producers and content writers getting unemployed, it remains a mystery whether we’re going to see the show once again or not. Currently, the only confirmed exclusive event for Microsoft is X019 which will be held in London.

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