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Innersloth Reveals Why Among Us Updates Are Taking So Long

The surprise hit of 2020 Among Us, changed the plans of Innersloth to create a sequel for its 2D, multiplayer party game. This week Victoria Tran, Community Director of the game revealed why is the development team taking so long to release the updates for the game.

Among Us launched in 2018, but maybe due to the current state of the world and the huge help of streamers, the game gained incredible traction pretty late into 2020 ” that meant A LOT of change for us” affirms Tran. “Not to dive into too much organizational stuff, but not only did we need to switch back to working on Among Us after thinking it was done, but we also needed to set ourselves up to more sustainably to work on the game.”

One of the most expected updates to Among Us is ‘The Airship Map’, the free update was announced on the Games Awards where the game was awarded as the Best Multiplayer Game and Best Mobile Game of 2020.

Innersloth has also been consistently working on expanding the game on different platforms, the game is now available on Nintendo Switch, the first console launch for the game.  The game is also scheduled to arrive on Xbox consoles later this year, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play the game now on PC.

Vitoria Tran revealed what’s coming next for Among Us:

  • 2021 roadmap. Now that we’ve wrapped up a lot of stuff for the holidays, we’re looking to be more transparent about what we’re launching and the expected order by making a public roadmap. It won’t have dates until we know we can hit them, but it’ll be a place to find out what to look forward to first! More on that soon.
  • Hiring?  We’ve heard all the questions – why don’t you just hire more people so development can go faster? We wish it were that easy! Adding more people doesn’t automatically make development go faster – it slows it down and can cause a ton of issues if we don’t do it properly (and in the worst cases, when finances aren’t handled properly, it can actually end up closing a studio completely.
  • Accounts. We wanted to launch this earlier, and we’re close, but we want to make sure it isn’t half-baked before implementing. (Trust me – you do not want a bad reporting system with no accountability behind it.) The first update for this is primarily focused on moderation – as stated in the previous dev log – and we’re hoping to get this out ASAP. This is a small step towards ensuring everyone playing the game has a safe and welcoming experience! Don’t worry, we’ve heard all your requests for things like a friend system, saved stats, and so on, but for now, this will be the first thing available. 

Source: Innersloth

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