Impressive UE4 Indie game ‘Lost Soul Aside’

Impressive UE4 Indie game ‘Lost Soul Aside’

An indie developer is currently working on an impressive RPG that is heavily inspired by Square Enix’s “Final Fantasy XV” and Capcom’s “Devil May Cry.”

The RPG is called “Lost Soul Aside,” and as this gameplay video shows, it gets a lot of cues from big name RPG “Final Fantasy XV,” as well as sleek moves similar to Dante in “Devil May Cry.”

Amazingly enough, the game is being developed single-handedly by a Korean game designer named Bing Yang.

The game has been in development for over two years now and Yang is just now releasing the first assets from the game. There’s no platforms currently announced for the game and Yang says the game is “far from complete”. He also has plans to work on the design of the game to be more “unique”.

Check out the Trailer:

“Since releasing the trailer, a lot of eyes have directed their gaze to Yang, including Sony and Epic Games. Both companies have shown interest in the game according to a post on Yang’s Facebook. ” I don’t know if I can get their help but this really gives me more confidence to finish Lost Soul Aside,” he writes. “So many kind [people] from all over the world [have contacted me]. I have no words, but thank you friends.”

No release information has been given for Lost Soul Aside, including which platform it’s being developed for. Yang says he is considering whether or not to launch a Kickstarter for it. To keep up with the game, you can follow Yang on Twitter.”

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