Ian Bell Teases the Mad Box With Cool Video

CEO and founder of Slightly Mad Studios Ian Bell has just uploaded a video on his Twitter account teasing the design of the Mad Box, a device which he refers to as the most powerful console ever, he gives new information about this console everyday having already stated that it’s powerful enough to handle games at 4k at 60FPS, he speaks to developers offering them a full engine for free and recently confirmed that this “Mad” console is capable of VR very comfortable he said”We’re going 90 per eye, 180 FPS internally. My CTO has just called me and confirmed that’s what we’ll deliver. “

Check this video of the Mad Box showcasing its RGB awesomeness:


Check this images shared by Ian Bell

Ian Bell totally changed the design of the Mad Box, after receiving feedback from fans, design was changed from the looks of a similar to a desktop PC, to a more console like sleek design, I don’t like RGB but I can say it totally looks sick.

Take a look at the old design:

One of the best features Ian Bell is offering is a chance for independent developers to get their hands on a cross-platform, ‘almost one click export’ engine to allow them to deploy their games on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Mad Box. Porting time will be minimal for those that have their own engine. The engine will be totally free.

What are your thoughts on this new upcoming mad console? I really love how it looks, makes me think of a new generation Genesis, and the RGB and front LED display it’s just beautiful, what do you think will be the launch price? Will it work with Epic Games Store or Steam? Share your opinion in the comment sections below

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