Hydrus – Hard Time Attack Speed Slaying Guide

Hydrus – Hard Time Attack Speed Slaying Guide

Hydrus is the seventh colossus you will be facing in Shadow of the Colossus and he is the only sea creature you will be facing other than Pelagia, who’s the twelveth colossus. The fight is also not that hard and you have a total of 7 minutes to kill him. At the start of the fight, what you want to do is get as close to Hydrus’s face as possible and try to aggro him. Since you cannot shoot him with your bow, your only option is to get close and hopefully get his attention. You will know Hydrus has your attention when his eyes turn from blue to red.

At this point, you want to align yourself directly toward his tail. You do that by swimming right over him. When you’re right above him, Make Wander do a quick 180-degree turn and start swimming toward his head. What you’ll want to do is grab on to his tail, and if you’re too close to his tail you will miss it when it comes up. As the tail is coming up, make sure to hold R2 to grab on to it, or you’ll miss your chance. Once you are attached to his tail you’ll want to make sure you’re holding R2. Otherwise you will lose your grip.

Your next objective is to run on his body, toward each of his lighting spikes where the sigils are located. They only take one stab to destroy, so it’s quite easy. Be careful when you get close to them or you’ll get shocked when the water comes up. Once you destroy all of his lighting spikes, all you have to do is stab the head until he dies. However, you will have to go underwater once again because he will not always stay outside, and you have to repeat the process of getting his aggro and grabbing on his tail. At this point, you should be okay and he will go down easy.

Please refer to the full commentary video guide down below if you’re having difficulties or if you just simply prefer a visual guide instead.

Video Guide

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